New Product Definition & Design

Many organizations do not have the capacity or the capabilities to quickly and confidently assess and design new products.


Focus on the Best Opportunities

Vecteris helps you identify your customers' urgent and expensive problems and determine the best way to design a solution to solve those problems.

Case Exmple

Delivering Immediate Value

Good Ideas Are Not Enough

The exhaustive and comprehensive market study Vecteris completed enabled the team to focus on what clients needed most and removed the guesswork from the features and functionality each person thought resonated best. Instead, we had market research to guide the MVP which we still reference today.

Kristen Howe

Chief Product Officer, Linkage


Create a Product Innovation Strategy

Our services are designed for companies that need to create or refresh their new product innovation strategy. Our approach evaluates your current innovation pipeline, surfaces new product innovation ideas and creates a framework to prioritize investments. We'll also assess your organization's 'innovation readiness.'


Our proccess

Step 1

Assess the Market

We research the market landscape to understand growth trends, competitors' strengths and weaknesses and to identify whitespaces.

Step 2

Define Customer Needs

We conduct primary and secondary research to identify unmet customer needs.

Step 3

Test Concepts

We test concept designs, prices, and features with customers and prospects.

Step 4

Translate Market Requirements into Business and Product Requirements

We create a business case, help evaluate build/buy/parter options and define the requirements for minimum viable product and longer-term product development.


Case Exmple

Act with Confidence and Speed


Vecteris helped us uncover and focus on the most urgent and expensive customer problems, develop concepts that address those problems, test them, and create a concept to scale our impact. Eye to Eye wouldn’t have reached the creative conclusions we did as quickly as we did without Vecteris. Our mission is furthered with the help of this dynamic team

Kayle Walls

COO, Eye to Eye National

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