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The Ultimate Guide to Turning Professional Services into Scalable Products

Case Study:
Product Innovation & Market Launch

A training company with an excellent reputation built over 30 years of providing technical project management training.


GOAL: Create a new, SaaS-based subscription product to provide an entry into the digital training space.

Step 1. Collect Market Insights

Always starting with the customer, we conducted primary and secondary research to identify unmet customer needs and to better understand the perceived value of product features. Additional discovery work for this client included:

  • Qualitative customer interviews

  • Quantitative buyer and user surveys

  • Competitive analysis.

THE RESULT - Product Pivot

Based on early market feedback, our recommendation was to pivot the initial product idea to one that directly aligned with an identified customer need. The result was our client saved both time and money by quickly moving away from their first concept to one with increased revenue potential.

“Our partnership with Vecteris has been invaluable.  We could not have launched this product without them.”
Treion Muller, Chief Product Officer, Strategy Execution

Step 2. Translate Market Requirements into Product Requirements

Our next step (working together with our client's product team), was to map key product features for the MVP and longer-term product development. To assist both product development and marketing, we developed a Product Requirements Document and tested and proposed product packages and initial pricing.

THE RESULT - Make an Unscalable Product Feature More Scalable
In this test & learn phase, we were able to determine how to meet market need for their less scalable coaching services using existing technology, greatly improving product economics.

Step 3. Create Go to Market Strategy

The final phase was to recommend pricing and packaging and to prepare messaging for use by our client's sales, marketing and account management teams to ensure a successful launch. Our team created engaging & targeted messaging, sales enablement tools, sales training, and a scalable, repeatable customer success management plan.

THE RESULT - Accelerate Speed to Market
Our client was able to launch their new product 5 months after market research began, significantly increasing speed to revenue.