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Evaluate your product innovation capabilities with our Productize Maturity Diagnostic™

Productize Maturity DiagnosticTM

Vecteris' Productize Maturity DiagnosticTM helps you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team's product innovation and product management capabilities. Our method helps organizations avoid innovation pitfalls, be more customer-focused, innovate faster, and create a product-friendly culture.

​The diagnostic will ask you a series of questions around 26 productization activities across 7 innovation areas. Once you've completed 20-minute the assessment, the Vecteris team will review your results and provide you with a personalized report highlighting your most important capability gaps and providing you with benchmarks and a roadmap for improvement.

PMD Heatmap

At Vecteris, we believe that the Productize Maturity Diagnostic™ can help you accelerate your new product innovation efforts and increase your likelihood for success.

Take the Productize Maturity Diagnostic™ today to identify your team's skill gaps and learn key insights to help you productize more efficiently at your organization. 

What people are saying about the Productize Maturity Diagnostic™ 

“The diagnostic was thoughtful and delved into important aspects of product maturity. It made me excited about where we can continue to grow in formalizing processes and creating transparency internally.” 

- Head of Product, Business Consulting & Services

Crafting a Product Vision Statement That Motivates V1_02 (2)

"Product Management is a pretty new idea for our company. I like the way Vecteris clearly lays out all the important areas to consider. Our team has used this Assessment to help determine where we need to hire and where we need additional training and development."

- CEO, Government Relations Services

Innovation Planning

"The assessment not only helped me quickly understand where my team has skills and capacity gaps but having it clearly mapped out also helped me communicate to my team what good product development should look like." 

- CPO, Management Consulting 

For organizations that need to develop tech-enabled products to grow, complete our Productize Pathway™ diagnostic to avoid costly mistakes & accelerate growth.  This next-generation diagnostic is crafted around the steps along the Productize Pathway® to move toward your product vision.


Our diagnostic measures your organization’s competencies across the seven areas of product innovation along The Productize PathwayTM. It assesses the maturity of your productization activities within each innovation area so you can benchmark capabilities and prioritize the next steps to improve maturity. 

  • Map out the changes you can achieve within your organization with the customized roadmap based on your results. 

    Identify current strengths, areas for growth, and the activities that can help you reach your productization goals with the priority heatmap. 


  • Learn how you score against other companies pursuing productization with maturity scores for each innovation area and industry benchmarks. 

Drive product innovation success within your B2B Services organization. 

Take the first step of identifying your team's skills gaps and key innovation areas to focus on to productize your services quickly and efficiently.