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The tools cover everything you need throughout each stage of the Productize Pathwayfrom developing a product friendly culture to successfully managing your product in the market.  Either way, enter your details below to get free access to 25 tools and templates that can help professional service firms develop products and tech-enabled services.

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​Creating a "Product-Friendly" Culture

  • Competencies of Good Product Managers

  • Sample Product Management Job Descriptions

​Align to Support Innovation

  • Product Strategy Template

  • Product Portfolio Scoring Template

  • Product Portfolio Matrix Template

Define the Urgent and Expensive Problem

  • Customer Needs Identification Worksheet

  • Sample Root Cause Analysis

  • Competitor Research Checklist

  • Competitor Comparison Grid

  • Competitive Analysis Templates​

  • Customer Interview Guidelines and Questions

  • Sample Interview Deck and Questions

  • Voice of the Customer Insight Tracking Template

  • Customer Advisory Board Creation Checklist

  • Sample Survey Questions​

Manage and Iterate

  • Product SWOT Analysis Instructions

  • Product Feature Scoring Template​​​

Launch Boldy

  • Positioning Statement  Template

  • Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign  Template​

  • Go-to-Market Checklist and Templates

  • Product Roadmap Templates

  • Product Portfolio Roadmap Template

​Co-Design and Develop

  • Charter Customer Advisory Board Guide

  • Product Strategy for Developers Template​

Scaling any business is challenging, even more so for professional services businesses. Productize is a handbook for creating successful products that complement existing services, allowing your business to grow revenue without adding costs at the same rate - and without putting your existing business at risk. As Eisha says, ‘That’s the sweet spot.’”
-Christy Pretzinger, CEO at WriterGirl
Productize is a must-read for any leader of a services business who wants to scale their organization. It’s a powerful playbook for how to create and launch successful products alongside a services business, including relatable case studies and a library of tools for your team to use. 
-Jennifer McCollum, CEO at Linkage



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