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Case Study: MVP Roadmap and Product Innovation

WHO: ​ Linkage Inc., Linkage has impacted global leaders worldwide with our leadership development insights, education, strategy and solutions.

NEED: For over 30 years, Linkage has partnered with organizations looking to accelerate the impact of their leaders, more effectively engage teams, and build inclusive workplaces.  Linkage asked Vecteris for support in designing a new digital learning experience.  We worked with the Linkage team to research customer needs and competitive offerings to confirm their vision of their MVP.


Linkage's leadership team wanted to build a scalable, engaging digital learning product that leverages over 30 years of Linkage leadership research.  With a product manager vacancy, Linkage needed extra capacity to research the market and confirm the product requirements. Speed was essential.


How We Helped

1) Competitor analysis - Vecteris started with an extensive competitive review and identified the white space where Linkage could stand out among the competition and  leverage their extensive intellectual property in the leadership development space.

2) Voice of the Customer interviews - Building on the competitive analysis, Vecteris interviewed Linkage customers and prospects to gain a detailed understanding of their unmet needs.  We looked to understand their opinions about digital learning, what potential product features they valued most and how Linkage could best package and price digital learning products.

3) Market research survey - Vecteris then followed up with a broader survey to validate key insights from the customer interviews.


In just three months, Vecteris was able to deliver a comprehensive market research report and an MVP recommendation that prepared and focused the Linkage team for the build.

"The exhaustive and comprehensive market study Vecteris completed enabled the team to focus on what clients needed most and removed the guesswork from the features and functionality each person thought resonated best. Instead, we had market research to guide the MVP which we still reference today." - Kristen Howe, Chief Product Officer, Linkage