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Case Study: Product Roadmap & PM Coaching

WHO: ​A well-known sales training company with an excellent reputation backed up by published research.

NEED: To decide whether to expand a mid-market SaaS-based digital training subscription product to the Large Enterprise market segment.

Collect Market Insights

With understanding customers as our starting point, we conducted primary and secondary research to identify unmet customer needs and to better understand the market receptivity of digital training to lower the barrier of entry. The discovery work for this client included qualitative customer interviews and detailed competitive analysis.

The new product development team had the data necessary to make a go/no-go decision to the Board of Directors only four weeks after the project started.

Product Management Coaching

Our work included Product Management coaching for the Product team. We started with an assessment of team capabilities and built a custom curriculum. We held weekly discussions and problem-solving sessions with the team. Participants left with weekly assignments directly tied to their day-to-day work.

Deeper competencies for the Product Management team.

Product Roadmap Recommendation

Based on our analysis of the market research, we recommended: 
- a market segmentation framework
- a "now, next, later" product roadmap focusing on the customer problems and product features that will impact the most attractive market segment.

Scarce development resources were focused on the areas of highest opportunity and the team avoided the common trap of thinking everything needs to be built all at once.