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The Ultimate Guide to Turning Professional Services into Scalable Products

Case Study: Spark Productize Pathway

Relevate Health is a healthcare digital marketing agency that helps life sciences brands to create deep engagement with healthcare providers. 

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They are scaling their business by launching scalable, tech-enabled products and services and hired their first VP of Product in January 2020. Despite the investment, the organization struggled to win the hearts and minds of the leadership team on the changes required and also build a team that had strong product management capabilities.

Spark Productize Pathway

Using the approach outlined in the book Productize, we created Spark, a skills development & cultural transformation program that is designed to teach you and your team customer-centric, tech-enabled innovation skills and create a customized Innovation Playbook to follow for all new product explorations.

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"Vecteris’ Spark Program has given my team the skills, confidence, and playbook to  successfully discover, develop, and launch new products. Unlike traditional innovation or product management training, the Vecteris approach taught my team to learn by doing.”
– Russell Dumas, VP of Product, Relevate Health Group


Step 1. Assess Relevate’s Innovation Capabilities

To kickoff our 6-part product innovation program, the Relevate team took our proprietary Product Innovation Maturity Diagnostic to evaluate their strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Step 2. Align on a Product Vision

Our next step (working together with our client's product team), was to map key product features for the MVP and longer-term product development. To assist both product development and marketing, we developed a Product Requirements Document and tested and proposed product packages and initial pricing.

Step 3. Training & Learning-by-Doing

The Relevate team learned customer-centric, tech-enabled innovation skills and applied them, resulting in tested product concept ready for development with beta customers already lined up.