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The Ultimate Guide to Turning Professional Services into Scalable Products

Many organizations do not have the capacity or the capabilities to quickly and boldly launch new products. ​

Successfully Launch New Products

A strong go-to-market strategy is critical for new product success. Organizations need to decide how to position new products to existing customers as well as to new customers, and how they will mitigate any cannibalization risk.​

Our Launching New Products consulting services include developing messaging by target segment, developing pricing and packaging, creating customer onboarding and success processes, and creating the tools and training to enable the sales team to begin selling.


Step 1

Value Propositions, Packaging, and Pricing

Vecteris identifies your new product's differentiators and tests messaging, packaging and pricing with buyers and users. We help you highlight not only the features of your product, but also the benefits to the customer.

Step 2

Design a Customer Success Process

Vecteris maps the entire buyer and user journey, helps create customer onboarding processes and creates measures to monitor customer experience.

Step 3

Sales Enablement

Your product organization probably has great depth of knowledge on your product, but your sales force needs to have that same knowledge…and they have to want to sell your product. We help your product leaders win the hearts & minds of the sales team by creating sales tools.

Case Example:

Creating a Go-to-Market Playbook

Vecteris helped us prepare for a global product launch in ways that we hadn't done before. They helped us create a launch marketing playbook that not only helped us with this product launch, but also armed my team with the tools to use a new way of thinking for future product launches. - Jean Martin, Head of Product, Mercer 

Case Example: New Product Launch

“Our partnership with Vecteris has been invaluable. We could not have launched this product without them.” - Treion Muller, Chief Product Officer, Strategy Execution

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