Product Leader We Admire: Nish Parikh


Introducing Nish Parikh, Co-Founder and CEO of Rangam!



Favorite Product Book and/or Podcast

Nish: My favorite podcast is “A Bit of Optimism” by Simon Sinek. I never get tired of listening to this masterpiece, and what makes me come back to it over and over is how Sinek focuses on incredible stories and conversations that instill a sense of resilience, optimism, hope, and growth mindset in listeners. The podcast provides a practical and positive perspective on life's challenges and obstacles. As a leader of a business that has been through many ups and downs over the course of more than two decades, I find it extremely relatable and impactful.


Professional Mantra or Guiding Principle

Nish: “Empathy Drives Innovation” is the mantra that we live by at Rangam. In today's fast-paced business landscape, continual innovation is the key for companies to survive and thrive. Empathy can be the prime mover of ideas that spur innovation, helping businesses understand and meet customer needs proactively. Empathetic leaders and teams are better able to observe customer behaviors and gather valuable insights that they can use to create innovative solutions that address customer needs even before they are aware of them. 

Empathy also fosters collaboration, which is essential for successful innovation. When teams are bound by empathy, they are better able to work together, share ideas, and create innovative solutions that are both effective and sustainable. Empathetic leaders are skilled at building consensus and convincing others to adopt new ideas, thereby creating a culture of innovation within their organizations.


Best Career Advice You Have Ever Received

Nish: For me, the best the most time-tested career advice is "Keep learning and keep evolving." It encourages continuous personal and professional growth. In a rapidly changing world of work, acquiring new skills and knowledge is essential to staying relevant and competitive. By embracing an attitude of lifelong learning, one can expand their expertise, adapt to evolving industry demands, and seize new opportunities. Continuous learning also fosters adaptability, resilience, and innovation, enabling people to navigate career transitions and thrive in dynamic work environments. Ultimately, this advice emphasizes the importance of proactively investing in one's own development to achieve long-term career success.


Favorite Product Launch You Have Been A Part Of

Nish: In July last year, Rangam officially launched TalentArbor at the Disability:IN Conference in Dallas, TX. It was a memorable event for me and everyone at Rangam as we unveiled a first-of-its-kind Al-driven application capable of transforming the career journey of diverse talent. TalentArbor is an omnichannel sourcing platform for an inclusive workforce, enabling job seekers to easily engage with employers while helping businesses effectively hire, retain, and build trust with diverse talent. In addition, it allows support providers to help connect their job-seeking clients to rewarding career opportunities.




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