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Announcement: New Book Launching in 2024!


Innovation. Productization. Tech-Enablement. Digitization. AI.

These are all strategies that the most successful B2B services leaders are pursuing to scale and grow their businesses.

But no matter what flavor of tech-enabled innovation or productization you pursue - there are two things leaders need to get right to succeed:

1) Developing the idea.

2) Commercializing the idea.


Launch Boldly: How Professional Services Firms Sell and Market New Solutions focuses on how B2B professional services firms successfully commercialize new products and services and get to revenue impact fast and efficiently. 

Based on our years of experience helping leading B2B professional services firms develop strategies and tactics to effectively sell and market new solutions, our analysis of data on commercialization practices and processes, and extensive research interviews we’ve created a playbook for B2B services leaders to successfully launch new products and services.

What makes this book unique is its emphasis on the particular context of B2B professional services companies. There is much written about the recipe for launching new products, but a complete dearth of information on how leaders should commercialize new solutions in a legacy services company.  

Launch Boldly includes practical tactics that services firm leaders can use to create lean GTM plans, hire and develop solutions sales teams, and manage the inherent misalignment that may exist with legacy services selling motions. 

We have uncovered groundbreaking new practices that leading professional services firms are using to sell and market new solutions in an environment of competitive disruption, widespread adoption of generative AI, and rapidly declining customer loyalty.

We’ll continue to keep you updated with the progress of Launch Boldly!

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