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Great Product, Failed Launch


One Chief Revenue Officer of a B2B services firm that recently failed in their productization efforts shared,

“There was this assumption that we could just hand the new product over to the sales team and they will sell it because ‘it's new, it'll be exciting!’ That's not the way it worked. 

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Building a Culture of Digital Fluency for Innovation and Growth

A few weeks ago I was speaking with a prospective client who had recently sold his consulting firm to a larger, global firm. He wanted help persuading the parent company to invest in growing a niche SaaS product that his team created. He was frustrated by the parent company’s inability to understand why it would be useful to supplement their consulting services with this SaaS product. At one point in the conversation, I asked him to drop a hyperlink into the chat. He said, “I don’t know how to do that.” 

Digital fluency and product innovation
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Can Incentives Help You Productize?

One CEO recently shared with me, “We need to restructure our incentive plan. Our consultants are all incented on short-term revenue, which is making it very hard to get traction with our new products that have lower price points but better margins and more revenue visibility.”

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