The Pulse of Productization

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Can Incentives Help You Productize?

One CEO recently shared with me, “We need to restructure our incentive plan. Our consultants are all incented on short-term revenue, which is making it very hard to get traction with our new products that have lower price points but better margins and more revenue visibility.”

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Maximizing Success: The Power of Quarterly Product Reviews

Quarterly product reviews are a critical component of an organization's product strategy. They provide an opportunity to assess the performance of the product portfolio, evaluate new product ideas, and make informed decisions about resource allocation. Additionally, QPRs hold teams accountable, ensure alignment across the organization, and help prioritize the right ideas in the pipeline. 

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Moving to a Product Friendly Culture

Many business-to-business services organizations are beginning to realize the accelerated growth potential of scalable, more productized business models. The opportunity to create higher customer value at a lower cost has led many organizations to make big moves to capitalize on the promise of a productized business model and evolve their culture to be more "product friendly." They are looking to change their cultures to enthusiastically support their offerings' diversification and prioritize building new scalable products that augment their existing portfolio of 1-to-1 services. 

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