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How to Help More Women Succeed in Product Careers

One of my favorite professional events is right around the corner.  The annual Women In Product Conference is May 10-11 and it will be held virtually to allow more people to attend.  I highly recommend it for all women currently in Product roles (the conference has different tracks for entry-level professionals all the way up to Executive roles) as well as for Product leaders who want to help more women succeed in Product roles.

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How Fear Kills Productization

When services firms choose to pursue a productization strategy, they can face many challenges. I’ve seen companies fail because they didn’t have the right skills, poor product-market fit, or they under-invested in go-to-market. Another significant challenge is changing the organization’s behavior and culture to be more product friendly.  Consider this:

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Improve Your Team’s Product Innovation Capabilities

A management consulting firm recently partnered with Vecteris to develop a strategy for ‘productizing’ their services.  As part of this work we also helped them assess whether or not they had the capabilities to support a product innovation growth strategy.  We did this because good ideas are not enough.

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Attracting and Retaining Top Product Talent

One of the unexpected gifts of the pandemic has been our launch of (virtual) peer groups of Product Leaders. At least once a week, we get the chance to convene small groups of product leaders to discuss their challenges and share experiences. We cover a variety of topics such as how to better catalog and use customer feedback or how to reduce custom development. A very frequent topic is talent. Especially, how to attract and retain good product talent when you are not a tech company.

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